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Not many people will recognize the Bohlender-Graebener brand in the US, and even fewer will pronounce it correctly, but be aware: This company makes seriously good speakers.  Having long been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of Planar/Ribbon drivers, B-G was an OEM supplier for many many companies...Carver, Genesis, and others.  B-G has also been known to enter into "hot markets" with their own, in-house product.  The Radia Series was one such endeavor. 

The Radia X3 was designed to hit squarely in the center of the hifi home theater market in the early 2000s. Introduced in 2001, the X series came in at a stellar price point for the performance they offered. The entire home theater setup consisted of the X1 Center Channel and X3 Mini-towers. The towers were often packaged as dualing sets, one pair in front and one pair in the back. 

The X3s we have here are finished in  simulated black ash veneer with aluminum trim pieces.  The grilles are pressed rigid plastic and fit snuggly in a groove machined into the aluminum trim.  Fit and finish on these speakers are both excellent. The X3 feature dual 5-1/4" aluminum cone woofers, crossed at separate frequencies to reduce comb filtering, and a 3" ribbon B-G driver for the highs.  They sit on 3/4" thick plinths and take up relatively little floor space.  

The speakers sound rich and full. Highs are articulate without being forceful.  A very well balanced design with no listening fatigue.  The magic of ribbons!

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