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BOSE has been building a speaker for 45+ years that seems to turn conventional wisdom on its head. Does hi-fi history need to be rewritten? Or is the legendary 901 just a clever design?

Bose founder and namesake Amar Bose, who was already allowed to study at the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a 17-year-old, developed a loudspeaker that seemed to be contrary to all the usual rules. So it was, with nine broadband drivers, eight of which radiate from the back against the listening room wall.

Bose developed the 901 based on his studies of the psychoacoustics of concert halls. He surmised that the "direct" sound component of a concert performance only makes up a comparatively small part of the sound energy that reaches the listener. By far, most of the sound reaches the listener's ear via many reflections from within the room.

I addition to Bose's unique "Direct-Reflecting" sound dispersion characteristics, all 18 full-range drivers can convey excellent dynamics, especially in musical passages with a portion of attack. Add to that that Bose 901s can play LOUD, and listening to music with turns into a lot of fun!

This particular set is in solid 8 condition in the original walnut veneer. The correct Series I Bose Equalizer is included with the sale and has been recapped by the prior owner to ensure crisp and clean performance. 

Stands, however are not included.

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