Boston Acoustics, A200 "Unicorns" - SOLD

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I'm going to take a few lines here to talk about these amazing vintage speakers so bear with me...

The A200 is a high performance three-way loudspeaker system designed for optimum reproduction of music under actual home listening condition. Its design takes particular advantage of 80s era research about the colorations which can be caused by off-axis sound radiation when it reflects off parts of the speaker, is diffracted at cabinet edges, and is strongly reflected off floor and wall surfaces near the speaker. 
These reflections have been controlled in the A200 by the shape of the cabinet and careful attention to the placement of the drivers, yielding a speaker system which exhibits a remarkably uniform and accurate tonal balance, exceptionally good stereo imaging, and relatively high efficiency. The 10" woofer is mounted near the floor and the shallow cabinet permits convenient placement near a wall behind it. Consequently the woofer behaves acoustically as if it were flush-mounted at the floor-wall intersection, radiating uniformly into the 90-degree solid angle formed by that intersection with all reflections remaining in-phase with the woofer's direct output, preserving its smooth response and raising its efficiency. The 4-1/2" midrange and 1" soft dome tweeter are positioned near  ear level for realistic musical imaging. They are flush-mounted in an unusually large and smooth front-panel area, so that the nearest cabinet edge or reflecting object is more than a half-wavelength away at any frequency in their operating range. Consequently the drivers radiate essentially a hemispheric wave front, and the control of early reflections permits their smooth response to be heard to full advantage.
The A200's enclosure design isn't a cosmetic "sales feature". It is calculated specifically to restrict the amount of sound than can reach the rear wall and floor, especially at the crucial midrange frequencies that determine a speaker's tonal character and imaging capability. Seems simple right,...
Long winded perhaps but want to fill in most all the blanks as these BAs are SPECIAL! They come in extraordinary condition with only the faintest traces of wear. New woofer surrounds and a quick cap check and these guys are ready for the next 25yrs. Cabinet is in 9+ condition as the beautiful walnut real wood veneer is exceptional.
Come demo these outstanding Boston Acoustics, floor standing speakers at our Lawrence showroom. 1st person that hears these will leave with them!
Boston Acoustics, A200 vintage floor standing speakers: $629.00 plus applicable sales tax