Bottlehead, "Foreplay" Tube Linestage - SOLD

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If you know about Bottlehead you probably know that their most popular kit for many years was the Foreplay preamp in its various iterations. The Foreplay had a great run, evolved into a higher priced preamp and then was retired several years ago. This little Kit amp is a terrific intro to the "tube sound" without shelling out a lot of cabbage. It's been modified positively by taking the control dials and putting them on front. Makes the entire package more visually appealing and removes the clutter from the top of the unit,... looks great. Newly finished in cherry stain it's just a darling little piece. Has two brand new JJ ECC82 tubes from The Tubestore. Plug and play - ready to go.

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BottleHead, Foreplay tube preamp: $229.00 + applicable taxes