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The Braun LS100 loudspeakers are an excellent, entry-level, 3-way performer.  These speakers are compact, yet provide a very impactful, full-range sound.  The Braun LS100 were never commercially available in the US, so these speakers were likely purchased overseas and brought here many years ago.  They were originally manufactured between 1982 and 1986 in Germany.

The 19mm tweeter, 34mm midrange, and substantial 250mm paper-pulp cone woofer do a tremendous job together. The cabinets are in very nice condition, wrapped in a satin black vinyl veneer.  The original metal grilles protect the drivers and have a wonderful minimalistic aesthetic.  

For someone familiar with ADS speakers from the mid-1980s, but looking for something a little different, these are it!  These speakers sound tremendous with the ADS/Braun Atelier components we also have available, or any number of mid-powered tube amplifiers.

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA

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