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The Braun TG-1000 is a compact, yet full-functioned reel-to-reel player from the high point of 1970s European industrial design.  Featuring the simplistic and effective design aesthetic of the acclaimed Deiter Rams, The Braun TG-1000 is also a solid performer.  Featuring a 3-motor assembly with electronic controls for each motor, the TG-1000 was known for being easy on tapes by keeping tension to a minimum, and yet offering smooth and powerful operation.  The Permalloy heads on this unit are in excellent condition with no signs of aggressive wear that sometimes plagues this style of equipment. 

This TG-1000 sounds incredible.  With pre-recorded music, the sound is clear and lifelike.  The player has the ability to control up to 7-1/2" reels at three speeds: 1-7/8, 3-3/4, and 7-1/2 fps allowing for an incredible amount of recording and playback flexibility.  The subtle and effective recording dials are helpful for controlling dynamics.  And the easy-to-use and attractive controls and compact size for this unit make it the perfect desktop deck, or something for a Braun collector to really cherish.  Lastly, this is a US-spec model with imperial units on the displays and RCA-style terminals in back. 

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