Bryston 2B SST, Solid State Power Amplifier- Refined Powerhouse - SOLD

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The Bryston 2B is a true audiophile classic. First released to the public in 1979, the Bryston 2B is an absolute workhorse of a stereo power amplifier that has successfully powered many of the most demanding speakers ever designed. Today's Brystion 2B SST version is still packing 100 watts per channel into eight-ohm impedance loads, but now boasts lower signal to noise ratios than past units, with balanced and unbalanced operation, as well as a greatly improved industrial design.

The build quality of the Bryston 2B SST is fantastic. This is an amp that will last a lifetime and is manufactured to amazingly high tolerances, especially internally.

The Bryston sound has never been more sonically relevant than today, especially with ultra-resolution surround sound tracks via Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio, as well as the Bryston 2B's ability to play well with MP3 devices like iPods and iPhones.

The 20-year Bryston warranty is about the coolest thing I have ever heard of.  Bryston's track record of making studio-tested amps that can stand 24 hours a day of abuse and never fail is a matter of fact. You could demo the U-571 depth charge scene 2000 times in a row and your Bryston 2B will be just as solid as the first time you hit play. For some reason, Bryston puts their money where your amp abuse is, as they will fix it. This is a huge perk.

This amp Is amazing - solid 9 in appearance with only the SLIGHTEST signs of wear. Plays a 10+ and  is magical. 100 watts x2  of glorious, clean, articulate thunder. I actually tried this at home in my kit just to get a sense of what the signature Bryston sound would do for me at home. I've had a lot of amps and this one ranks right up there with pieces costing 3x at much. Has great depth, rythem & pace with the blackest black I've experienced. Stone cold quiet!

Come give this amazing Bryston Powerhouse a twirl here at he Lawrence showroom or purchase with confidence via this website.

Bryston, 2B SST Power Amplifier: $1499 + applicable sales tax