Bryston 4B Power Amplifier, OG Canadian Power!

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The Canadian-made Bryston 4B Power Amplifier is a 250 watt per channel powerhouse. The basic design was initially introduced in 1972 and has been a staple for the company since its founding 50 years ago, with some tweaks along the way.  

The 4B is a modified Class AB amplifier, with a very stable output stage, one dedicated for each channel. It has the reliability of the best professional amps of they, but with internal refinements that have made it one of the most decorated and prolific power amps the industry has seen. The internal “dual-mono” layout allows for exceptional stereo separation, and the power supply and power output stages are comprised of top-shelf components.

Dynamics on this amp are incredible, with detail, and power to spare for those “big” moments in both music and movie passages. Although it isn't as physically huge as other 250 watt per channel amps out there, the impact this piece brings to a hifi set is "all there."  

This unit has been reviewed by our tech with a clean bill of health. The chassis does show some minor signs of age, but no show stoppers.  Sound-wise, it's a perfect 10!

Demos are welcome in Lawrence MA. 

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