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The Soloist SL is a concentrated version of the award-winning Soloist. Its circuitry is identical to the Soloist but at At 5.5in x 3in x 8in it takes less room on your desktop. The power output is a robust 2Wpc into 16 ohms and drives most if not all headphones to their full potential. Coupled with a 2-level gain switch the Soloist SL offers infinite flexibility.

Burson’s oversize transformers and power supplies deliver pure class-A peak driving power, a muscular 2Wpc into 16 ohms. To achieve the same specification most conventional designs settle for a 12 watt transformer. Burson understands the difference between burst and sustained power so you’ll find a custom 25VA transformer ensuring the Soloist SL is capable of a sustained 2 watts at all times.

The Soloist power supply is built around a custom noise-filtering network employing twice as many filtering stages as most conventional designs resulting in superior noise rejection. That’s why the Soloist SL delivers such clean and stable power with beautiful music emerging from a pitch-black background.

Never been much of a headphone guy although we've been playing around with this piece a bit. Paired it with a pair of higher-end Grados and some industry standard AKGs here at the shop & the performance of this little HPA is AMAZING. Has the weight and feel of its big brother the Soloist and all the performance characteristics indicative of this HQ brand. This SL MkII is in 9+ condition both sonically and in appearance. No flaws or blemishes of any kind - appears new!

Come have a listen at our shop location in Lawrence or purchase with confidence via this website.

Burson Audio, Soloist SL (MK II): $279 + applicable sales tax