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I like Classical, Jazz, Rock, R&B, some Rap and Hip Hop if it has a good groove. I love acoustic music though and I like to hear people that can truly play and/or sing.

The most important aspects of sound reproduction  are sound staging and imaging, clarity and detail, warmth and weight. I like to be able to close my eyes and visualize the musicians on the stage doing their thing. I don't think the job of hifi gear is to make everything sound like a live recording (been to too many live concerts that sounded bad for that.) I think the job of equipment is to give you a "you are there rush", convey what the musicians are trying to communicate and to put forward what the producers, mastering engineers, etc were trying to accomplish with the end product. In short, to hear what they intended US to hear. The worst things a system could do would be to sound hard and etched thin and weightless. That having been said, we've fully sent this California Audio Labs, Alpha Tube DAC and Delta Transport though our rigorous paces and we're happy to report that the pair plays and sounds as gloriously as it did when new some 23yrs ago. Its complete... sounds like music. Not overly saturated - not thick and soupy - not unnatural in any way. Just music, pure the way it was mastered.

The Alpha D/A Processor does however add tuby warmth to the presentation of the Delta transport. We enjoy combining tube pieces with solid state gear to achieve comfort with detail and weight so when it's done for us right out of the box, it's with great appreciation. Not to mention the same brand/series synergy. Its all gravy. Strengths include very good detail, added tube bloom & more of a you are there front row presence.

The Delta Transport is dead quiet and mechanical operation is top flight. The unit has a distinct feeling of quality. It's a beast and plays with a precision and authority. Just an incredible pair... meant to play togther and togther they shall stay. Solid 9+ condition with no blemishes of note. A handsome couple that will compliment any setup. Comes complete with OEM remote & Owners Manuals.

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California Audio Labs, Alph D/A Processer & Delta Transport: $1199 plus shipping and sales tax when applicable