Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10 Integrated Amplifier - SOLD

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Cambridge Audio develops consistently great stereo equipment.  Limited on frills, but high on quality and impact, Cambridge Audio's reputation spans its entire product line.  From top-end gear to the entry-level "Topaz" range from ~2010, the company has yet to disappoint.  

This Topaz AM10 integrated amplifier is rated at a modest 30 watts per channel, but delivers clean and clear sound to nearly every speaker we have paired it with - From small bookshelf speakers to larger, vintage floor-standers like The Original Advent.  Aesthetically, the Topaz AM10 design features a simplistic design with a light blue LED display.  The remote control is included and all functions are accessible from the remote, including balance and tone controls.  The Topaz AM10 also includes an on-board phono input for MM cartridges.

For a mid-sized room, or small apartment, this unit is ideal.  And priced very nicely.

$199 (plus applicable shipping and sales tax)