Canor Audio AI 2.10 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

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The Canor Audio AI 2.10 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier provides the best of two worlds in a clean, modern package.  This amplifier is built using the same precision design and manufacturing processes that Canor employed on their full tube and full solid state lines, and as an OEM for many other companies.  The benefit here is a combination of technologies to offer some of the "softness" of tubes with the power output and overhead of a solid-state output stage. 

The AI 2.10 features a HYPEX-powered Class D power amp, preceded by a tube preamplifier using twin, matched 6922 driver tubes.  With 150 watts of power per channel into 4 ohms (100 watts per channel into 8 ohm speakers), the amp makes shy speakers come alive, and it can drive efficient speakers with incredible ease.

As a line-stage integrated, the amp features four unbalanced (RCA) and two balanced (XLR) 30 kOhm inputs.  The rear panel, like the front, is simple and uncluttered.  Vinyl lovers will want to source a separate phono preamp.  

As with all Canor units, this piece features a 2-year manufacturer's warranty (3-month warranty on the tubes themselves).