Canor Audio DAC 2.10

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The DAC 2.10 is Canor's newest product and has been developed directly from customer and dealer feedback.  For those familiar with Canor's CD 2.10 with know how incredible the build quality is on these units, as well as the basic design architecture.  The DAC 2.10 builds on that reputation and adds to it with new features on the digital and I/O side that we are certain listeners with love.  

The DAC 2.10 uses four 6922 output tubes, the same configuration as the CD 2.10. But that's where some of the technical similarities end.  The DAC 2.10 will feature an ESS SABRE chip that supports MQA decoding, 32-bit DSD decoding at 512k, with a maximum resolution of 768k using the USB input.  Finally, 8 user-selectable filters are available to fine tune the DAC to personal tastes, equipment choices, and room influences. 

Further, the modern and simplistic front face, dial, and display offer a commanding view of the intricacies of what's happening inside the unit. As always, Canor has thought of every detail.

As with all Canor units, this piece features a 2-year manufacturer's warranty (3-month warranty on the tubes themselves). 

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