Celestion Ditton 442 Loudspeakers, Beautiful British Composure - SOLD

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Celestion has been known for making quality speaker components, speaker cabinets, and accessories for home and pro audio use for decades. The British company really came into the hifi scene in the 1970s swinging hard.  The Ditton series of speakers separated Celestion from the pack, utilizing their own home-grown drivers, sealed enclosures, and extremely high quality cabinet construction; the Dittons were and still are top-notch performers. 

The Ditton 44 was met with critical acclaim due to its smooth and robust sound.  The Celestion 12" woofer and sealed cabinet will shake any room to its core, and yet stay as refined and composed as one might expect from a classy British speaker.  A few years later, the 442 model was introduced with improved components, finishes, construction, and crossovers.  The result is nothing short of amazing.  

These speakers look and perform flawlessly.  They love good quality power: McIntosh, Marantz, Sugden, Quad, NAIM, etc... All high quality hardware that has the potential to really bring these speakers to a whole new level.

Demos are highly encouraged in Lawrence, MA

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