Finite Elements, Ceraball Ceramic Ball Isolation Interface - SOLD

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Great audio accessories are like classic items, they never quite go out of style. Firmly resisting fashion and flavour-of-the-month things, they are able to withstand the test of time.

Finite Elemente has for many years been one of my favourite and go-to brands for footers. They were/are Teutonic as you could get - precision engineered with a no-nonsense approach to improving the sound of your audio system. They are not cheap by any stretch of imagination, but good things seldom are. Besides, the sonic rewards were more than commensurate with your financial outlay. These feet can be used on a variety of electronics and offer an upgraded sonic footprint over stock feet across the board. 

The Ceraball Ceramic Ball Isolation system retails for $360 and is sold regularly for $299 via various audiophile online sites. We are offering these lightly used pieces in original packaging (set of 4) for $199 per package.

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