The Cionnsaile Monitor - Beta - 3 Pair Remaining

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Named after a small Irish port town, this loudspeaker possesses incredible capabilities. It was designed to portray a sense of accuracy and realism typically only heard in much more expensive and much larger speaker systems. The hand-assembled cabinetry and bespoke components contribute to the magic of the Cionnsaile Monitor through a beautiful marriage of high-tech and sustainable materials. From the magnesium-aluminum composite cone woofers to the one-inch thick soy-based and recycled high-density cabinet materials, every nook and cranny was developed in a way that would make a big musical impact and a very small environmental one. Designed and manufactured in Massachusetts, USA.
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  • 2-way Monitor

  • Ported/Hybrid Enclosure

  • 3/4” Coated Fabric Dome Tweeter with Waveguide

  • 6.5” Aluminum-Magnesium Hybrid Cone Woofer (with shielding)

  • Modified Linkwitz-Riley Crossover

  • 37-27,000 Hz (+/- 3dB) Frequency Response

  • ~87dB Sensitivity

  • ~100 Watt Max RMS Power Handling

  • ~100dB Total Dynamic Output

  • 15.5” tall, 10.5” wide, 15” deep

  • Jantzen air core inductors, Audyn Q4 capacitors, and low-loss ceramic resistors

  • MEDEX high-density recycled wood and soy-based composite board cabinet

  • Designed and manufactured in Massachusetts, USA