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Cizek Audio Systems was based in Massachusetts in the 1970s and 1980s, including at one point having a manufacturing center in Lawrence, steps away from HHA's current home.  Founded by Roy Cizek, who apprenticed at Acoustic Research, the company's first product took a unique approach to speaker design.  The Model One used foam padding as a means to reduce acoustic diffraction as well as a series of front panel mounted switches to modify the system "Q."  Q is a unitless factor that mathematically summarizes the speaker's damping characteristics and sound quality in one number.  The Model One crossover gives the user the ability to adjust system Q to best account for room acoustics and placement.  

This pair of System One speakers look like they just came off the factory floor.  The cabinets are near-perfect.  The grille cloth and foam diffraction pads are clean and right.  And the sound...Is about as close to perfect as you can get.  Solid low-end and sparkling highs from the very popular ubiquitous Peerless 1" soft dome tweeter. Crossovers have been serviced and recapped to provide decades more listening enjoyment. 

These speakers sound detailed, accurate and robust.  

Demos are encouraged.  Shipping may be available as the original shipping crates are included in the sale. Please inquire via email.

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