Classé CA-201 Power Amplifier, All The Juice!

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Classé Audio shares a singular dream with its clients - the true re-creation of a live performance. Classé's philosophy is one of technological evolution; building on what we know works.  Most high-end amplifiers use only one type of transistor. Classé uses three styles (Bi-Polar, MOSFET, and J-FET) in a unique sequence that makes the most of each transistor's particular voltage and input impedance characteristics.  All aspects of the circuit design and power supply are taken from the best characteristics of each of these components and design best practices. 

The CA-201 power supply includes a massive toroidal transformer, along with Classé Audio's unique solution to capacitive filtering.  Rather than the large, slow filter capacitors found in most power supplies, the CA-201 uses a large number of smaller capacitors distributed throughout each stage of the amplifier.  The result is a lightning-quick response coupled with a more natural sound. In addition, the CA-201 uses highly efficient extruded aluminum heat sinks that disperse transistor-generated heat, ensuring maximum output without distortion.

The specifications on this amp are incredible.  200 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 400 watts per channel into 4 ohms -- And the ability to run bridged-mono up to 1,200 watts of output into 4 ohms!!!  All of this being done with 0.004% THD, and a Signal-to-Noise ratio of 135dB. Nuts!!!  

This particular amp has been fully serviced and works perfectly. It's clean and quiet  - especially in Class-A mode, which represents about the first 20 watts of operation per channel. The front panel has a few bumps and bruises from age, but no show-stoppers, and that is reflected in our price.

Demos are welcome in Lawrence, MA. 

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