Cleghan Compact Monitor (Pair)

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The Cleghan Compact Monitor promises all of the same balance and detail as the Cionnsaile, but in a smaller and more versatile package.  The design starts with exceptional components, including a 5”  Aluminum-Magnesium hybrid cone woofer with cast frame and 3/4” soft dome tweeter with waveguide.  Cabinet materials are CNC cut from extremely rigid and inert MEDEX MDF.  A new design language allows for a variety of finishes, including real wood veneers.  
Sonically, the Cleghan delivers music with impact and accuracy the way a studio monitor should, but with a hint of midrange warmth to allow for use in a variety of environments. Designed and manufactured in Massachusetts, USA.
Lead time note: These speakers are manufactured on a “just in time” basis and are cut and assembled as orders are received. Any new orders are expected to ship within 4 to 6 weeks of purchase. 
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  • 2-way Monitor
  • Ported/Hybrid Enclosure
  • 3/4” Coated Fabric Dome Tweeter with Waveguide
  • 5” Aluminum-Magnesium Hybrid Cone Woofer (with shielding)
  • Modified Linkwitz-Riley Crossover
  • 60-20,000 Hz (+/- 3dB) Frequency Response
  • ~87dB Sensitivity
  • ~75 Watt Max RMS Power Handling
  • ~100dB Total Dynamic Output
  • 13.5” tall, 8.5” wide, 10.5” deep
  • Jantzen air core inductors, Audyn Q4 capacitors, and low-loss ceramic resistors
  • MEDEX high-density recycled wood and soy-based composite board cabinet
  • Designed and manufactured in Massachusetts, USA