Conrad Johnson, PV10A - Top Shelf Vintage Champagne!

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On the face of the Conrad Johnson, PV10A are three golden knobs for source selection, balance, and volume control. The balance control can be bypassed out of the circuit with a small pushbutton switch located next to it. There's another pushbutton for monitoring the tape loop, but no, it's not that scary C-J trademark kind that will send speaker-destroying feedback to your amp if you push it while your tape deck is recording and you happen to trigger the selector switch over to listen to the Aux inputs you hooked your deck's outputs to. If you've ever experienced this phenomenom you'll know how hair rasing an ordeal it can be. But nonetheless, here we have a straight forward Con-Jon tube preamp that is spectacular in its simplicity. Simple equation, music in/music out with just the right hint of romantic tube majic tossed in. Just sounds right... Runs 12AT7, 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes so all small signal variety valves.

So, If you're putting together a Real World system and want to utilize your old turntable, or maybe buy one now and discover what all the excitement is about, the Conrad-Johnson PV10A would be our first choice in a full-featured vintage preamp... it mates extremely well with a variety of "better" power amps and componants and although It's not perfect, PV10A is also the perfect partnering preamp to inexpensive solid-state power packages and can really ameliorate some of their more annoying sonic shortcomings. More musically involving than most all the modest preamps of the 90's, the PV10A would be the perfect heart of a killer TODAY system.

If you're looking for the most musical-sounding full-featured vintage preamplifier for under $15-hundo, we can easily recommend the Conrad-Johnson PV10A. In a phrase that's so overused, this one truly is a Giant Killer. Solid 9+ flawless asthetic with a performance factor thats a straight up 10. Fully run through by our tech and ready to be the heart of your rig for many years to come.

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Conrad Johnson, PV-10A Tube Preamp: $1399 + shipping and sales tax when applicable.