(Copy) Audio Note, Meishu PHONO 300b Integrated, "One of the finest I've heard" - BGR

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The Audio Note (UK) Meishu Integrated Amplifier is a Pure Class A Singled Ended valve amplifier that uses the highly regarded 300B direct heated triode valve, producing a level of performance that is radically superior to the vast majority of current designs. It has been specifically engineered for sonic performance rather than technical specification, and fulfils all Audio Note (UK) Level 3 criteria: -

  •  Pure Class A operation
  • Zero Negative Feedback
  • Single Ended Output Stage
  • Valve Rectification
  • Directly Heated Triode operation
  • Materials and component quality

Internally, the Meishu comprises elegant simplification, thanks partly to AN's ability to build matched transformers in-house. Arguably, 300B SE vacuum tubes are among the most musical pedigree for harmonic and tonal shading. That’s why AN designers mainly chose the 300B for Meishu above any other. Additionally, the company’s custom-built resistors, foil capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, and specially-chosen tube circuitry elevates the sound beyond its $15,740.00 asking price. Yep, this is a $15K+ masterpiece of tone, pace and 8watt per/channel musical magic.

So look, we've had a lot of great components through these doors and while all of those pieces were (are) special in one respect or another this Audio Note, Meishu is 100% spectacular. We have it paired right now with the big & super efficient Tannoy, Super Red M 1000 and I have to honestly say, I have never heard better in this shop. It's a combined $10K but we have had component & speaker combos that were 3x as much that's didn't come close to what this combo plays like - it just pure, uncolored, resolving, articulate, uncompromised MUSIC the way the artist inteded their recordings to be heard. You MUST experience this amp and with these speakers. You'll be absolutely floored!

This Audio Note 300b amp has been extensively gone through here in-house by our master tech staff. It's rare that CS has anything to say about a particular piece but he too is blown away by the Meishu's musical purity, quality wiring and overall build quality - presentation is extraordinary. Rating this piece an 8+ for aesthetics as it has one small scratch on the back rear left cover and little signs of wear however, a solid 11+ on musical involvement and vibe. It's UK audio wizardry at its best.

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Audio Note, Meishu Phono 300b Integrated Amp: $4999 + sales tax when applicable