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Acoustic Research engineered unique, innovative audio solutions during every decade of the company's existence.  From their famous acoustic suspension enclosure design to being the first company to use ferrofluid for driver voice coil cooling, AR paved the way for many companies that followed. 

Introduced in 1990, the "Holographic Imaging" series utilized several previously proven technologies, as well as a few new ones.  The series explored the use of offset and angled midrange drivers to provide indirect room reflections to enhance the listener's experience by emulating "live sound" environments.  Cabinet geometries were manipulated to reduce internal resonances.

The M1 was the smallest of the H/I lineup with a 3/4" ferrofluid cooled tweeter, 6" poly cone mid-bass. The enclosures are made from 3/4" MDF and wrapped in a matt grey simulated veneer finish.  These speakers deliver incredible imaging that is, in many ways, holographic.  Bass is controlled and impressive for a small speaker.    Woofer foams were rubber to ensure many years of use.  

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