Goldring E Series Moving Magnet (MM) Cartridges

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There are many, many cartridge companies out there and many, many options for turntable aficionados to experiment with.  We have chosen a lineup of Moving Magnet cartridges from Goldring that provide an excellent platform for the vinyl newbie as well as the season veteran.  

The ES Series of Moving Magnet cartridges from Goldring represent an extremely affordable set of options, all using similar build techniques and designs as Goldring's signature models.  Don't let these prices fool you into thinking these are cheap carts.  They are built very well and provide an incredible audio value. From the E1 the E3, each cart is durable and articulate, with a certain amount of "fun" thrown into the mix as well.    The E1 and E2 feature carbon-fiber reinforced cantilevers with elliptical style.  The E3 elevates things to an elliptical stylus for even more accurate in the groove. 

Output voltages and tracking weights are compliant with many turntables on the market today.  

E1, $119Specifications

E2, $149Specifications

E3, $189, Specifications

E4, $299, Specifications -- NEW!!