Pioneer SX-D5000, Another Excellent Find!

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It doesn't take much shopping around to discover that most vintage stereo receivers from the 70s look pretty much alike, with the tuning dials dominating the front face, and knobs and controls all over the place. So, here comes the Pioneer SX-D5000 in 1980 making a major new contribution to the aesthetics of 80's era receiver design. A total break from the concept of traditional receivers of the time. The SX-D5000 was totally redesigned. All controls (sans Volume and Balance) switches are sliders and pushbuttons, not levers, rockers or rotary knobs. Indications are all digital, even the one for tuned frequency.

You don't have to be a stereo expert to see how these lines and contours add up to a distinctive kind of elegance. To see how the SX-D5000 gives the appearance of a precision transceiver, with all controls neatly grouped into three.The SX-D5000 is what receivers should have been like in the 1980s.

Visually attractive, functional, operationally comfortable - a rare combination of design qualities in a receiver. Would you expect less from Pioneer?

Power Amp Highlights:
Continuous Power Output is 80 watts per channel, min. At 8 ohms from 20 to 20,000 hertz with no more than 0,005% total harmonic distortion.

Protection Circuitry - has gold-plated dual-contact relays for fast response and unfailing dependability should power-related mishaps occur. The receiver and your speakers are fully protected; the circuitry mutes power on/off noise, protects power transistors and speakers from abnormal direct-current potentials and overload at the output.

So this higher-end 80s-style gear is making a strong comeback lately. Performance is on point with excellent overall build quality. This piece is in terrific condition with just one or two very small blemishes keeping it from being perfect. It has been brought back to spec by our expert in house tech. Super cool in every way.

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