Sanyo 2050 Stereo Receiver, Under-the-Radar Style

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Xennials and beyond probably won't recognize Sanyo as a "hifi" brand, but for Boomers and Gen-X Sanyo was making some pretty nice pieces of audio gear.  As with most Japanese companies of the time, the look and functionality were all on par with the best brands on the market.  Originally incorporated in 1949, Sanyo began life making portable AM/FM radios, so the calling card for their receiver line was excellent radio reception. 

The model 2050 is a handsome little guy, sporting 50 watts per channel in 8 ohms on the inside, and a real wood veneered case and silver-face goodness on the outside. The big FM tuning and signal meters on the front harken back to the company's earliest days.  

The 2050 is easy to live with, has a smooth sound, and can power most speakers from the period with authority and accuracy.  The best part about the 2050 is that it's not huge, like some other models from the late 1970s.  Its compact footprint points to smart and efficient design, something Sanyo was known for until ...the 80s happened.

Seriously, though, this is a great piece of audio history for a collector or newly-minted vintage audiophile. 

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