Snell Acoustics Type A Loudspeakers, Early Versions

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Snell Acoustics made great speakers right down the road from us, initially in Newburyport, and later in Haverhill, Massachusetts.  Snell Acoustics were founded in 1976 by Peter Snell to develop a speaker that "disappeared" sonically; providing the listener with uncolored and pure music.  Snell's approach combined excellent quality drivers sourced from Europe, and hand-built, hand-matched crossovers to ensure those drivers were performing at Peter's highest possible standards.  

It is rumored that Peter Snell personally matched each pair of speakers to a "Reference" pair in his listening room, and I've met a few former employees who have corroborated that story.  Incredible attention to detail, and at a time before computer simulation and analysis!

These Snell Type A were the top of the line offering from Snell in the earliest years of the company.  With sequential/matched/early serial numbers (381/382) this pair of "A's" provide an exceptional sound stage with height and depth that is unmatched by nearly any other speaker - Then or now.   

These speakers have been serviced and tested. They are also probably the cleanest set of A’s we’ve ever seen. They are ready to last another 30+ years. 

Demos are highly encouraged in Lawrence, MA

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