Tandberg TR-3030, Compact Vintage Receiver

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Tandberg, a Norwegian company founded in 1933, built the TR-3030 audiophile receive around 1980-1981.  Their receiver line was designed to compete with other top-line products from the United States, Germany, the UK, and Japan.  

The TR-3030 is a compact (but widebody) full-function receiver rated conservatively at 20 watts per channel.  Despite this low rated power, the amp can deliver a solid punch to all but the most challenging speakers.  Pair this Tandberg with a small set of Braun/ADS or KEF speakers and you are in for an audio treat.   The unit features two speaker outputs, two tape loop connections, a phono input, and bass and treble controls.  The real star of this unit is the incredibly accurate, and excellent sounding FM tuner, with four user-adjustable presets.  Really, a neat feature that puts this unit in another category of "cool."

This unit has ben fully serviced. The light bulbs have been replaced and all controls have been cleaned.  

Demos are available at our Lawrence, MA showroom.

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