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Henry Kloss co-founded The Advent Corporation in 1968 to pursue the design and manufacture affordable color televisions.  As a means of raising capital, Kloss began the production of a loudspeaker system, The Advent Loudspeaker, a design which has become an icon of mid-century acoustic suspension design.

This particular pair of Advents are in excellent condition.  Although manufactured at different times in the production process (slight production differences between the two serial numbers reveal some minor changes like the unfinished vs painted front baffles) the speakers use the same components are perform nearly identical to one another.  The original real walnut veneer, and walnut beveled-edge front faces are in beautiful condition with only the slightest signs of wear. The grille covers are all original to each and look fabulous.  The original masonite-ring woofers were replaced decades ago with authorized metal basket replacements from Advent, which have since been refoamed.  Crossovers have been recapped with high quality ERSE film caps, a huge improvement over the originals.  


Demos are highly encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

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