Thorens TD-126 Electronic, Vintage Turntable Project

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Thorens has been one of the most highly regarded turntable manufacturers in the world for decades.  The company's ambition to create the quietest and most accurate turntables has resulted in designs that are outwardly simple, but internally very sophisticated and complex.  The TD-126 Electronic is no exception. 

The TD-126 Electronic uses an in-house designed tonearm, created by Thorens specifically to function with the internal automatic mechanisms hidden within the chassis. A synchronous DC motor and belt drive provide excellent isolation from the turntable platter to reduce motor noise propagating through the needle.  

This example is being sold as a very worthy project.  We just installed a new belt, and the table spins and plays records as it should.  Some finishing touches are needed to the top cover, hinge mechanism, arm return, and head shell wiring.  The tables comes with a Stanton cartridge already mounted. 

Get this amazing piece of audio history for a fraction of today's value. 

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