Yamaha C-2 Professional Series Preamplifier - SOLD

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The Yamaha "Professional Series" components were in 1978, and still are, serious audio equipment.  Made from top-shelf parts and assembled with unmatched precision, even sometimes using parts that Yamaha designed and developed only for specific models within the lineup, the C-2 and T-2 were born from this dedication to performance. 

The C-2 Control Preamplifier is feature-packed with exceptional sound quality.  Using ultra-low noise matched FETs, the designers filled the slim unassuming chassis with the highest quality components, shortest signal runs, and shielded power supply to reduce noise. Unique to the C-2, there are also three phono inputs, two setup for MM cartridges and one for MC cartridges.  

This C-2 can be demo'd at our Lawrence, MA showroom and purchased online or in person with confidence.

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* Note, the T-2 tuner has sold separately.