Crown D150A Power Amp, Discotheque-Ready!

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The Crown D150A is a 75 watt per channel workhorse; equally suitable in a midcentury modern living room or powering PA speakers at the local rollerskating rink.  What makes this unit even more unique is the gorgeous real walnut veneered wood case that wraps the no-nonsense silver-face of the D150A with warmth. 

The D150A uses improved IC output transistors over its predecessor, the D150.  It's more stable and better sounding than the first edition D150, and much better suited for home hifi use.  With a full 20-100,000 Hz frequency response and less than 0.1% Total Harmonic Distortion, the amp is accurate and fatigue-free. 

The amp is incredibly effective at driving difficult loads, for long periods of time, without skipping a beat.  It sounds clean and clear with a bit of top end roll-off that works extremely well with early rock-n-roll vinyl pressings from the era.  The controls of this unit have been cleaned and serviced.  

If you are looking for a classic power amp with effortless control, this is it. 

Demos are available in Lawrence, MA. 

$399 (plus applicable sales tax)