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The introduction of Dahlquist's original Phased Array speaker system, the DQ-1O way back in 1973 aroused considerable interest in the audiophile community. Despite a superficial external resemblance to the contemporary Quad electrostatic speaker, the DQ-10 was a four-way dynamic system that, unlike most other dynamic speakers of the time, was designed to deliver a phase-coherent acoustic output waveform. A major staple in the Dahlquist speaker line, the DQ-10 was joined in 1986 by the DQ-20, a larger and more refined system embodying similar principles.

Dahlquist's Phased Array design was developed to deal with two basic areas of loudspeaker inaccuracy: time-delay distortion and diffraction effects. In general, the direct sounds from the different drivers of a multiway system arrive at the listener's position at slightly different times because of differences in the inertia of their moving systems and unequal distances from their voice coils to their front mounting planes and from the mounting planes to the listener. The combined result of these effects can be degraded spatial definition.

Diffraction, which can create similar aberrations in the listening field, occurs when the sound wave leaving a speaker driver encounters an abrupt discontinuity in its transmission path, usually at the juncture of the speaker cone and the mounting board, at the edge of a cabinet, or at the grille frame. The discontinuity bends the wave front and scatters the sound so that parts of it reach the listener over slightly different paths. Whenever the same signal arrives at a point in space over more than one path (almost always of different lengths), the resulting interference produces irregularities in the frequency response and impairs the spatial accuracy of the stereo imaging.

These are undoubtedly the finest set of DQ-20 available in the US. Completely done over, caps, crossover, fabric, bases, foam, etc... basically a brand new set. They are just amazing in every way and will play magnificently for the next 25yrs.

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Dahlquist, DQ-20 floorstanding speakers: $799.00 + applicable sales tax