Dana Audio Model 2f, Unique Design, Effortless Music

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In 2000, the City of Austin, TX adopted the "Keep Austin Weird" slogan to spur interest in the city's unique and expanding small business enterprises and boutique shops from "The Odd Side of Town."  If a loudspeaker could be asked to represent a city, the Dana Audio Model 2f would understand the assignment.  Very little is known about the company besides having two models in the early 1990s, the Model 1 and Model 2f.  (As it turns out, the company made a very modest resurgence in the late 1990s with a revised Model 1 bookshelf speaker, and they quickly faded into the ether shortly thereafter.)

The Model 2f was designed as a slender, floor-standing speaker with a semi-cylindrical, dampened cabinet to reduce the boxiness that can plague many speakers offered at its original price point of $395/pair.  Said to be able to compete with speakers costing 2x, or even 4x this price point, the Model 2f was an aural success.  The team at Dana were able to marry a SEAS 1" aluminum dome tweeter - the same used in the venerable Aerial Acoustics 10T, for example, which retailed for $3,995 in 1992 - with a rather nondescript 8" poly cone woofer, and with great success.  The internal crossover is unfussy, and uses good polyfilm capacitors.  

Our Model 2f speakers are finished in oak veneer and black cloth.  Despite some very minor signs of wear, the speakers look really slick in person, and sound very compelling.  New old-stock SEAS tweeter diaphragms have been installed and all components have been checked for trouble-free operation.  Music emanates easily and smoothly.  Bass response is surprisingly taught and full.  Overall balance with vocals and instruments is excellent.

Demos are highly encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

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