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dbx, Inc. was founded in Boston in 1971 by David Blackmer. Blackmer was a US Navy veteran, Harvard and MIT graduate, and well-respected engineer his entire career.  He fulfilled his audio passion when he founded dbx, and stayed on with the company into the late 1970s, even after after selling majority ownership to British turntable manufacturer, BSR. dbx's claim to fame has always been its noise reduction circuit which battled head-to-head with Dolby throughout the 70s. But for audiophiles and studio-heads, the dbx compressors, expanders, and analyzers are second-to-none; even today.

The dbx 14/10 was a leap forward in graphic EQ technology at the time.  With 14 bands, ranging in proximity depending on frequency response; with lower frequencies having greater adjustability than higher frequencies to assist in an analog type of room correction procedure. The unit's real time analysis (RTA) and ability to connect a calibrated microphone further broaden its appeal and functionality, making the 14/10 a real audiophile instrument and not just row of cool bouncy LEDs.

14-band two-channel graphic equalizer

Frequencies (Hz): 31.5, 45, 63, 90, 125, 180, 250, 360, 550, 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k, 16k

Constant-Q bandwidth

Equalization range: ±12dB.

Real-time analyzer: 25dB range on screen, auto-ranging

Internal pink noise generator, L/R uncorrelated

THD: below 0.03%, 20Hz–20kHz

Maximum input, output level: 6V

S/N ratio: 119dBA


This unit has been fully tested.  It has been barely used, and shows it.  Operating manual can be found online.  The calibrated mic can also be purchased separately if needed.

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