DBX 1531P Stereo/Mono Graphic Equalizer

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dbx, Inc. was founded in Boston in 1971 by David Blackmer. Blackmer was a US Navy veteran, Harvard and MIT graduate, and well-respected engineer his entire career.  He fulfilled his audio passion when he founded dbx, and stayed on with the company into the late 1970s, even after after selling majority ownership to British turntable manufacturer, BSR. dbx's claim to fame has always been its noise reduction circuit which battled head-to-head with Dolby throughout the 70s. But for audiophiles and studio-heads, the dbx compressors, expanders, and analyzers are second-to-none; even today.

The dbx 1531P was a professional 2-channel or mono graphic equalizer used to allow listeners some additional control over room conditions. In Stereo mode, the EQ features 15-bands of EQ, and 31 in Mono.  Selectable gain allows for +/- 7.5dB or 15dB operation on all bands.  A Defeat/Bypass button also allows the listener to "reset" without having to manually adjust all of the controls.

This unit has been fully tested.  It has been barely used, and shows it. Includes the original box and manual. Easily shipped. 

$199 (plus applicable sales tax and/or shipping)

* Note, we actually have two of these units, the one shown is perfect and performs flawlessly.  The second unit has two bands that do not slide. We would be willing to offer both 1531P units together for $299.  Enquire via email, or use the Chat feature on the bottom-right of your screen.