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OK power amp muscle heads - here we have a DBX BX-1 amp that's totally "beast-mode." Can be 2, 3 or 4 channel configure for bi amping, with a subwoofer and or 4 channel for media system/home theater. These amps were built in Newton Mass and are very sought after as they were pretty highly rated in the 80s by Stereophile magazine. These DBX, BX-1s went hard against the Threshold & Levinson amps of the time period and were favored strongly vs the aforementioned. This analogy is used way too often but, DBX amplifiers have a very tube like presentation. We use this BX-1 to drive some KEF, Reference Model 3 and these speakers have NEVER sounded so full and totally balanced.

So this monster pumps out 400 watts per channel RMS x 2 into 8 ohms & 800 watts per channel RMS x 2 into 4 Ohms. In 4 channel mode they are 100 watts per channel but have tons of headroom. Unit weighs in at approximately 100 lbs boxed - a beast in anyones setup.

Been completely run through here by our in house master tech and is ready to rock the house. Capable of pushing the most punishing loads, this DBX amp is a killer. Solid 8 visually with only the slightest signs of wear. Comes complete with original box/packaging/schematic & OM. A fine piece of audio gear without question. 

Demos are encouraged here at the shop. Can purchase online but be prepared to come collect this in person. We will only ship using Pilot Freight.

DBX, BX-1 Configurable Power Amplifier: $1449.00 + sales tax when applicable