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DCM is a brand with a small but loyal cult following.  Nearly every model that Steve Eberbach designed sounds incredible in a way that makes you twist your neck looking for other speakers or subwoofers playing in the room.  DCM's speakers weren't fancy lookin; with their solid wood caps on top and bottom, and usually wrapped in some kind of foam or foam/cloth combination to hide quite crudely constructed cabinets.  

The Time Window was one of DCM's first, big commercial successes, and was no exception to this rule.  The offset, angled front baffles, wrapped in reticulated foam hide a cabinet made from chip board and a quarter-section of a cardboard SonoTube. Inside the speakers featured twin 1" Philips coated silk dome tweeters and CTS-made, mass-loaded 6.5" paper cone woofers.  Crossovers were relatively simplistic 3rd order type.  But the magic of the DCM family of sound was the use of what Steve called a "quasi-transmission-line" cabinet design. The cabinets themselves contributed toward bass tuning, as well as the long, twisted cardboard tubes inside the cabinet.  The Time Window features two of these tuning ports, each at different frequencies.  The result is a sound that is robust, warm, and provides both excellent imaging and room-filling sound. 

These Time Windows have been cleaned, with the foam wrap replaced.  The walnut top caps have been refinished and are in very presentable condition, with only 1 or 2 minor blemishes visible from 3' away. All drivers work 100% and they deliver a huge "bang-for-the-buck" in terms of sound.  

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.  

These are a classic design that have become harder and harder to find.  For someone just starting out, or for a collector, these speakers deliver the goods. 

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