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DCM in their earlier days made their speakers with a Transmission Line design. This extended the bass lower than one would expect considering the small foot print of the speakers. They image wonderfully and are quite sonically transparent.
DCM TF 350 have that distinctive Time Window sonic signature. DCM did not stray far from the Time Window success and enjoyed a cult like following in the 1980's. The musical presentation is near holographic. First and foremost is the much improved sound-stage. The depth is quite profound!
The Time Frame speakers are mirror imaged speakers. Meaning there is a left and right to them. By placing the DCM Logo to the inside edges of the pair, this accomplished the mirror image effect. Like the Time Windows they have a fabric sock covering that encircles the entire speaker, with wood trim at the top and bottom of the speaker. They weigh about 32 pounds each and measure 15 inches across the base, stand 38 inches tall and have a depth of about 6 inches. Construction is first rate, these are very sturdy speakers. The base has a fold out pedestal for additional support, a very nice touch.
Rated for amplifiers; 20 to 150 watts per channel, and very efficient at 90db/1watt/1meter

These speakers excel at being much more a Jazz and Classical, Choral music. The DCM TF 350 can rock make no mistake about that, but not for heavy metal rockers. The sonics of the TF 350 are quite amazing and this particular set has been COMPLETELY redone. Drivers refoamed, tops and bases refinished, crossovers & caps done & upgraded, new flawless socks & new badges all around. Really fabulous speakers!

Demos are encouraged here at the Lawrence shop... they play  wonderfully with a variety of electronics.

DCM, Timeframe TF-350 loudspeakers: $399.00 plus applicable sales tax