Definitive Technology BP-2000, The Originals!

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Bipolar speakers were all the rage during the peak Home Theater years of the 1990s and 2000s.  The reason for the fascination with speakers that fire in two opposing directions was to allow the design to be compact in stature, but project an extra-wide and involving soundstage into the room to enhance the desired surround sound effect.  Definitive Technology was a leader in this type of alignment with their launch in the late 1980s of the BP2000, a giant powered-tower speaker which amazed audio show crowds with auditorium-filling dynamic sound in a slender footprint. 

The BP-2000 is still a mainstay bipolar design for the audio aficionado. The design is actually quite simple, take two identically tuned d'Appolito arrays, face them in opposite directions, and sandwich a 15-inch long-throw subwoofer between them with a 300 watt RMS amplifier blasting the lowest frequencies about the room in dizzying fashion.  The construction of the cabinet has to be SOLID for this arrangement to work.  Otherwise the massive bass driver will color the mid-bass sound to an alarming rate, rendering the whole experiment pointless.  

Def Tech did the design right. The BP-2000 was their first flagship design, and it's solid build quality, exceptional component choices, and heavy-duty construction point to the fact that the designers intended for these speakers to last a LONG time and sound great while doing it. 

One thing to note, these speakers should not be relegated to home theater use!  They are very effective for 2-channel listening, with true full range sound and excellent imaging. These examples are in very nice physical condition.  New cloth socks were just re-created by a local artisan to match the original specifications.  The top caps have some minor signs of wear from the occasional room decoration or picture frame, but no show-stoppers. The drivers have been treated and tested to ensure flawless sound reproduction.  

Pound for pound, these speakers (like all of our Def Techs) are an absolute bargain!

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