Definitive Techology, Full Home Theater Setup - Exceptional Value

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The Definitive Technology BP-8060ST is a slim, medium-height, cloth-covered tower speaker with outrigger stabilizer feet. You could say that it is probably designed for a “lifestyle” aesthetic, while still delivering real sonic value. It would fit right in with many home decors, including an audio-video setup.  We also evaluated the BP-8060ST solely as a stereo pair.  In either configuration, they are outstanding. The front-and rear-facing  drivers are solidly built with excellent resolution.  And the on-board powered 10" subwoofer with dual-passive radiators produces and incredible amount of low-end for such a small footprint. 

As a bipolar loudspeaker, the BP-8060ST produces sound to the front and the rear that are in-phase with each other. By contrast, a dipolar loudspeaker’s front and rear outputs are out of phase with each other. Typically, bipolar speakers tend to create more audible output to the rear because it is in phase with the front.  This concept was championed by Definitive's founder, Sandy Gross, as early as 1980, when he left Polk Audio to explore this design concept. Sandy later went on to create Golden Ear speakers, refining many of the same design elements he developed at Definitive.  

The SR-8080BP rear bi-pole speakers are equipped with high-definition second generation BDSS bass/midrange drivers, wide-dispersion pure aluminum dome tweeters, intricate Linkwitz-Riley crossover networks, and solid cabinets. It is constructed to the same exacting performance and construction standards as Definitive Technology’s left and right front speakers. It can be set up on a shelf or stand for the highest level of surround sound realism, or attached on a wall using the included plate.

The CS-8040HD center channel speaker incorporates the same driver design and aesthetic as the other pieces in this set.  With timbre and voice matching to provide seamless effects for the front LCR channels.  Dual front-firing woofers are complimented by a large "racetrack" passive radiator for full-rich dialogue to match the impact of the 8060ST towers.

This HT system is plug-and-play & comes with all original boxes, packaging and paperwork for the front three speakers. All pieces are in excellent condition and play accordingly... An extraordinary value at $800.

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Definitive Technology BP-8060ST, SR-8080BP, and CS-8040HD Home Theater speaker system: $799 + sales tax where applicable

BP-8080ST Tower #1: $250

BP-8080ST Tower #2: $250

CS-8040HD Center: $150

SR-8080BP Surrounds: $150