Dennesen, EL34 Push/Pull Tube Amplifier - RARE and Fabulous John Curl Design

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So if you're into HiEnd audio then you certainly know the name John Curl. John cut his teeth with Mark Levinson & SOTA early on; two of the top outfits of their time and right out of the gate. He later went on to create his own Vendetta head amp of which there are only 200 in the world and they are totally treasured by their owners. Somewhere between all that and his current gig as the chief mastermind behind Parasounds TOL audio gear, he worked with and developed for Dennesen Audio, a boutique brand of components primarily know for its outrageously fabulous FET monoblock preamp, the JC-80, of which he also designed. This 2 piece preamp is equally rare just like his EL34 based push/pull masterpiece were offering today. It's so rare we can't even come up with a model number, just that its previous owner got it directly from an audio dealer who is said to have gotten it straight from JC in the early 80s. Its a 35 watt per channel EL34 (favorite tube for midrange magic) based power amplifier with taps for 4-8-16ohm speakers. Its been gone through painstakingly here at the shop and is now sporting a matched quad set of incredible "Winged C" EL34s. It performs flawlessly. 

Have to say, amps like this don't walk through the door every day. Its spectacular in its presentation both visually and in terms of its sonic performance. It's been playing with an equally outrageous set of JBL, C28 "The Baron" and a vintage Conrad Johnson, PV10A. As classic setups go, this is about as cool a rig as we've ever put together. Truly sublime and oh so satisfying.

Come hear this incredibly rare Dennesen tube power amp here at the shop or, buy with every confidence her on out site.

Dennesen, EL34 Based Tube Power Amp: $1499+ sales tax and shipping when applicable