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The DN-506S is a compact 3-way tri-amplified speaker capable of exceptionally high performance, suitable for a variety of roles. It is ideal for situations where no-compromise acoustic performance is needed, but where complicated setups and elaborate stacks of external equipment are not feasible or possible. It features studio-grade acoustics, luxurious aesthetics, and innovative proximity controls for flexible placement options. 

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The 160-watt DN-506S provides clear, dynamic sound reproduction for mid- and small-size meeting and presentation spaces. Combining 1-inch silk dome tweeter, a 5-inch woven Kevlar® midrange unit, and a 6-inch woven Kevlar® woofer, it offers a dynamic, wide-range frequency response, even exceeding the performance of speakers found in world-class recording studios.

Well-designed 3-way speakers—like the DN-506S—use a custom high-quality midrange driver specifically intended to cover the critical middle frequencies. Most of the everyday sounds we hear—voices, instruments like saxophone and guitar, naturally-occurring sounds like handclaps, footsteps and slamming doors—are midrange frequencies. Having a driver specifically dedicated to their reproduction maximizes clarity and detail, ideal for situations requiring exceptional speech intelligibility.

Terrific new, (opened box for photos) powered speaker. Fabulous presentation and perfect for a Locker Room setup, deck or office ot portable small PA - Plug and play just in time for the holidays. Full manufacturer warranty and 

Denon, DN-506S Professional Powered Speaker: $249 plus applicable sales tax