Denon POA-6600A High Current Mono-Block Amplifiers

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Some might argue that Denon was at its peak in the 1980s.  It's hard to think of another "old school" audio brand that leaned into the digital foray more aggressively than Denon while maintaining their analog chops.  In order to support the digital side of the business, Denon mastered the analog side as well.  The POA-6660A is the perfect example of the company's position of making top-market high-powered amplifiers for both the 2-channel and newly growing home theater markets.  

The POA-6600A is hard to come by in the US.  The large, monolithic mono blocks look like they should have a lot of drive, because they do.  Manufactured from 1989-1995, the 250 watt per channel amps received improved power supply components about mid-way through production (hence, the "A" monicker).  Each amp can power two speakers and can run down to 4 ohm loads with no issues at all with 450 watts of output and can survive challenging 1 ohm loads without collapsing.  There haven't been many amps, ever, that can handle that kind of pressure.  And with a s/n ration of 125dB+, the amount of noise generated by these amps is nearly immeasurable. 

We sourced these beasts from a long-time client and collector who would rather remain unnamed, but you can be assured, these amps were treated gingerly by a single owner and were part of an incredible hifi system.  

Demos are highly encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

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