Denon PMA-860 Stereo Integrated Amplifier, Robust Power - SOLD

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The Denon PMA-860 is an excellent performer for the budget-conscious or beginner audiophile.  It has an impressive look, high quality internal components and power supply, and powerful acoustic presentation.  At 80 watts per channel (into an 8 ohm load, 130 wpc into 4 ohms) this integrated can power vintage and modern equipment with authority.   

Unique features of this unit include an MM/MC (Moving Magnet or Moving Coil) front-mounted switch to adjust cartridge loading for turntable use.  It also features a "Direct" output mode which bypasses internal tone controls to reduce noise internal to the unit and provide the most precise power delivery possible.  Finally, the amplifier output stage can switch dynamically from Class-A to standard Push-Pull operation, through the use of an optical biasing sensor, for the highest possible fidelity at low to moderate volumes.

This unit can be demo'd at our showroom in Lawrence, MA with COVID precautions in  place. 

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