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Design Acoustics was a smallish audio company from Stow, Ohio that designed compact systems to mimic what the industry fascination with "Point Source" acoustic response.  The PS monicker was used on many of their models, and with some slight crossover design tricks and close mid/tweeter driver placement, Design Acoustics was very successful at creating the illusion of a Point Source driver with two discrete components. 

The PS-10 is a really unique system.  It's a compact 3-way bookshelf speaker with a 10" down-firing, long-throw woofer. The lowest frequencies (about 180Hz and below) emanate into the room via a slotted port at the base of the speaker.  The rest of the sound is supported by a 5" treated cone midrange and 1" soft dome tweeter. Acoustic damping material was placed on the front baffle to reduce diffraction and assist with the speaker's imaging and disappearing act. 

All together the system is very unique, efficient, and effective.  With solid bass response down to 50Hz, a smallish footprint, and 91 dB efficiency, the speakers are at home in many different acoustic environments and can be powered effectively with a variety of amplifiers or receivers from the era. 

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