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Duevel is a small German Company which specializes in unique omnidirectional loudspeakers & these Planets are the first speakers of this kind offered here at HHA. This odd-looking yet attractive speaker is a two-way design with a 5" poly woofer with inverted dust cap and a 1" horn-loaded soft dome tweeter protected by a stiff metal mesh grill. Instead of firing towards the listener as with most speakers, both drivers fire straight up into a pair of suspended hollow chrome spheres which disperse sound in a 360-degree pattern. Duevel contends that the brain has difficulty in differentiating between direct and indirect sound of the more common forward-firing speakers thus causing fatigue. With Duevel's omni designs, the listener's room boundaries are deliberately energized to produce a more reverberant field not unlike what one would experience in a concert hall. Duevel believes this radiation pattern is more natural and therefore more easily processed by our brains. This is no doubt a controversial issue and there are various points of view however the proof is in the listening and these little Planets play wonderfully in this shops orbit. They are in excellent condition, take up virtually no space and are excellent with both SS & tube components.

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Duevel, Planets Omnidirectional Loudspeakers: $399.00 + applicable sales tax