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Dynaco was an audio based company founded in 1955. They were especially popular from 1960-1970 for their high quality and simultaneously affordable audio components. The company is well known for a few very well made stereo amplifiers and speakers during that time.

One of these is the Dynaco A-35 loudspeaker. The A-35 was a refined improvement over its predecessor, the A-25. In fact, the Dynaco A-35’s have the same woofer and tweeter as the A-25, but in a bigger enclosure. With a smooth, wide range and a crisp sound, it had a much better and more defined low end. Many stereo enthusiasts consider this to be Dynaco’s best speaker.

The A-35 was housed in a more complex cabinet with a different crossover. This made for a much more articulate sound. It has more bass than the A-25 and dynamic capability. A high performance, two way system, the speakers have a non-rigid hemispheric tweeter with wide dispersion, which is crossed over at 1200 Hz to an extended excursion 10″ woofer. The 10″ woofer has a rubber surround, which is more durable than the usual foam surrounds found in most vintage speakers.

Ok so you're a vintage speaker collector, we are too. It's amazing the pieces that find their way to our shop. These Dynacos are pretty rare and play exceptionally. We emphatically prefer these to MANY similar speakers from the same era. They are in terrific overall condition with some signs of cabinet wear but 16 perfectly square corners, newly recapped, new acoustically correct grill cloth w/new badges and these A35s are ready to mate with your vintage (20-60 watts per) electronics. The A35's big plus is its warm and laid back sound. The tonality is very natural and deep. A high quality speaker, even now. These Dynacos are housed in a real walnut cabinet. Rich highs and mid range tones. Bass is taught & tight with just the right amount of air being moved; just lovely.

Come demo these incredible vintage Dynacos at our Lawrence showroom or purchase with confidence via this website.

Dynaco A35 Bookshelf Speakers: $379.00 plus applicable sales tax

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