Energy Encore 2 Micro-Speakers with Stands - SOLD

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Energy Acoustics, a subsidiary of Canadian API, introduced the concept of micro-separates for home theater use some time in the late 1990s. In 2001, they refined their approach with the Encore series.  Made from high quality materials, with driver specs that typically far exceed the needs of speakers this small, the Encore 2 was very well-received.  The stylish little cabinets with their gloss ebony veneer and silver trim, blend well into any room and nearly any style. 

These Encores are in excellent physical condition, nearly fresh out of the box. The sounds they produce will make you shake your head, and with such a small form factor (5" x 5" x 7"), they image incredibly well and fit literally anywhere in a room. 

Included are the adjustable Encore 2 stands, which were new in the box until we decided to assemble them last week.  

This is a great little starter set, or couple with a subwoofer for a small office listening space, or use as surrounds for home theater.  Limitless options! 

$129 for the whole set. (plus applicable sales tax)

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