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EPI, or Epicure Products, Inc., was the brainchild of Winslow Burhoe and originally based out of Newburyport, MA.  Win Burhoe's signature designs were based on a philosophy where speakers were matched with specific room acoustics and placement.  Long, flat walls were adorned with speakers designed to work along long, flat walls, and corner speakers were meant to be driven from corners. Adding to that, Win Burhoe designed drivers that were meant to work together with "no crossover", or at least a very minimal high-pass filter for tweeter protection.  These modules consisted of an 8" paper cone bass driver, and 1" inverted dome tweeter.  Burhoe would arrange modules in various ways to achieve his desired in-room responses for each application.

The M250 was the second iteration of one of EPI's most successful designs, the M202.  Utilizing nothing more than a name change, the M250 was one of those corner-loaded speakers that loaded the room to enhance bass response and midrange presence.  The unusual module arrays face outward, and are inverted from one another on each face of the speaker.  The result is a beautiful, warm, diffuse presentation and a speaker that looks beautiful anywhere in the room. 

This pair of M250 are built in 1974 and have been painstakingly restored.  The bottom cabinet panel was removed due to water damage and replaced with a new CNC-machined panel, 1" thick, and covered in matching natural walnut veneer.  All eight drivers were serviced and restored to their intended functionality.  The crossover were lightly modified to remove a troublesome and noisy potentiometer with new terminal posts installed.  Finally, the grille frames were also CNC-machined and shod with new cloth for a timeless mid-century look. 

These speakers can be driven effortlessly.  They present a stable 4 ohm load to amplifiers, and provide a lush and realistic presentation of music. 

Demos are welcome and encouraged.

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