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Mini Monitors were all the rage for a streamlined kit and or a home theater setup just a few years back. Used as fronts and paired with a quality sub, the owner can approach a full range sound with a minimalist footprint. The results can be extraordinary.

The Design 4 drivers were created by speaker legend Michael Kelly (Aerial Acoustics). His design incorporated upgrading the tweeter to silk and using a composite four-inch driver. Another design highlight is the one inch thick MDF used for the cabinet. The era Design 4 cabinet shape was the brainchild of Signal Path executives David Solomon and Jim Spainhour. These choices show the seriousness that Signal Path has in creating a quality monitor, instead of a quick moneymaker.

Due to the forward nature of the systems bass, the mid frequencies tend to sit back. This doesn’t mean that they go lacking. It’s just more of a European sound that tends to try and draw the listener in, rather than push out. Think ProAc Super Tabs or Totem, Dreamcatchers but with a more rigid cabinet and proprietary drivers. This pairing equates to a truly world class mini monitor - the sound is intoxicating and in our humble opinion, superior to both minis mentioned.

These era Design 4s are brand new old stock. We popped them out of the box for a quick demo with a KEF, KC62 dual firing digital sub and the results are stunning. Not that these need a sub but, the KEF brings out the lowest register and fully completes the sonic excellence. Also now playing through an Ovatave Audio, V40SE tube integrated and they have snuggled right up with the German beauty; really a fabulous pair of mini monitors. Come complete with double boxing, OM & factory brackets for wall mounting.


Come demo these era, mini monitors at our Lawrence showroom or purchase with confidence via this website.

era Design 4, mini monitors in Maple: $349.00 plus applicable sales tax